Our Vision


Mangalarga Marchador Studfarm Da Porta Azul

Mangalarga Marchador, this means grace, elegance and blood coupled with the outstanding properties of a robust horse for daily use .

  • Easy and friendly, pleasant to deal with
  • With much placidity
  • Intelligence and docility
  • Physical fitness and robustness
  • Temperament and diligence

These are the unique virtues of Mangalarga Marchador horses. The virtues of the Mangalarga Marchador horses do not only mirror their descent of the old Iberian breeds. They are also the result of thorough breeding for an all-rounder horse at the large fazendas of Brasil. This meant in the past

  • today at the work with the cattle and in the coffe or sugar cane plantations
  • tomorrow going for a coach drive with the family
  • on sunday the horse for grandma’s ride to the church.

These traditional objectives for an all-round horse are still being pursued these days and make the Mangalarga Marchador an exceptional horse breed. The particular gait of the Marchadors, i.e. the Marcha, carries their riders smoothly and comfortably at a quick but well controlled pace over wide distance. As a result, Mangalarga Marchadors are ideal horses for:

  • the whole family
  • elderly riders or people resuming riding after a long break
  • leizure- or endurance – riders
  • sporty, young riders interested in working equitation, cattle work or in gaited horse tournaments.

The virtues of the Mangalarga Marchador horses on one hand and the expectations  of these groups of riders on the other determine our philosophy and objectives of breeding as well as of keeping and education of these very fine horses. We breed only with horses which strongly recommend themselves apart from their physis, robust health and all-rounder properties by their fine character, tranquillity, friendliness and strong nerves. However, in turn we take the very noble character of our Marchador horses and their willingness to work as an absolute obligation for us to treat our horses with great respect and to deal with them in a species appropriate fashion. Our horses are kept and worked according to the principles of good horsemanship and this is what we expect also from our potential customers. At working with our horses we put specific emphasis on versatility and their suitability as all-rounders such as: Gait and Dressage,  Riding in open country, Endurance, Groundwork, Coach Driving …. To complement and broaden the bloodlines we also import Mangalarga Marchadors from Brasil. However we take horses only from Brasilian Mangalarga Marchador breeders, who we know personally – breeders who have the same vision and objectives for breeding and the same good horsemanship attitude towards the horses. The respective horses are collected by us personally in Brasil and attended by us during the whole transport In the same way when selling horses we pay very much attention to optimum harmony and match between our horses and their new owner. Our firm conviction:

only happy horses carry happy riders and inspire them by their performance