Marchador Gestüt da Porta Azul

If you are interested in Mangalarga Marchador horses in general or particularly in our horses please feel free to contact us anytime.

We will be pleased counselling you in all matters related to Mangalarga Marchadors independent of whether you have general questions about the Mangalarga Marchador breed, want to try a Marchador and feel how exciting it is to be carried in a smooth marcha or whether you wish to buy a horse from us or cooperating breeders in Germany or Brasil.


We just moved into large studfarm premises at the southern border of “Altmark” in the beautiful Colbitz Letzlinger Heath – more space for the horses – unlimited opportunities for country riding !!! Visitors wellcome at prior notice !

New Address

Marina Geyer und Stefan Heinrichs

D 39517 Burgstall OT Blätz

Phone +49 (0)39364 – 937223


Marchador Gestüt da Porta Azul